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To save the world from eating bad tacos!

How will I accomplish this?

I will give you the information and tools you need to live your best taco life

My name is Sue Enrich. I was a trader on Bay St. in Toronto, Canada. Then one day I decided to turn left from the rat race. I moved to the country, ate a lot of peaches and ran a winery and a food market in the beautiful historic town of Niagara on the Lake, Canada. 


Then I turned left again and travel the world for my YouTube Channel Turn Left Right Here. I started in Mexico and fell in love with tacos. I ate a lot of Tacos in Mexico. This was my eat phase. 


Then I went to India with one of my good friends. We prayed, partied and had the time of our lives. Something was missing however. I wasn’t really happy. I realized in India I wanted tacos. I missed tacos. I prayed for tacos. This was my pray phase. 


Then I went to Bali and was finishing up submitting a film to the Toronto Food Film Festival. My dear chef friend Jen encouraged me to do it. I was working on a short film about my hunt for the best tacos in Mexico City and I called it Vitamin Taco.


In Bali while editing this Vitamin Taco video I discovered my deep-rooted love for tacos. Bali also has a lot of tacos.  This was my love phase. 


Tacos Orinoco in Mexico City

(Best Tacos in Mexico)

El Vilsito in Mexico City

(Best Tacos al Pastor in Mexico)

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