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2 Fingers in Canggu (Best Tacos in Bali)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

2 Fingers in Canggu Bali is a popular place for their taco Tuesday night which falls on a Monday (regular priced tacos 25K IDR are 15K IDR on Mondays).

The food scene is very competitive in Canggu and it takes more than a 15k IDR taco special, a catchy name and edgy hip decor to get people in the door. You have to have really good tacos. Some argue they have the best tacos in Canggu.

They do offer the best selection of tacos out of any restaurant I’ve seen in Bali. There are 16 tacos to choose from: tempura prawn tacos, fried chicken tacos, soft shell crab tacos, charred Spanish chorizo, Peking duck tacos Baja fish tacos, Hot BBQ chicken tacos, Barbacoa beef cheek tacos, Babi guling tacos, and a vast array of vegetarian tacos such as their Goan spiced chickpea tacos, Korean fried cauliflower (a popular favourite for even carnivores), chilli garlic pinto bean, spiced jackfruit, spiced mushrooms & sweet potato, Baja vegan fish, and the tempura portobello mushroom taco.

Two fingers portions are small so you can definitely order 4-10 depending on your appetite and try a variety of their flavours. They are served on a gluten free corn tortilla.

They don’t stop at tacos - they also offer burritos, ceviche, tostadas, healthy bowls, pinchos, quesadillas, nachos and churros.

If you go with a large group of people as I often did, expect your orders to come in batches based on the type of taco you ordered - for example all the Baja fish taco orders will come at once. So be sure to remember your order because it’s easy after a few Bintangs to just grab whatever tacos are on the table and forget you ate them when the bill comes (they don’t split bills either).

If you love tacos and are in Bali, you need to get 2 fingered on Monday.

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