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Cafe Vida in Canggu (Best Tacos in Bali)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Cafe Vida has a steady flow of foodies coming here to satisfy the pickiest of palettes and heavy hitting food instagrammers.

If you’re a digital nomad that wants to milk a coffee or coconut water for 5 hours while you see the line up of people eyeing your table, you might want to order something or find somewhere else to work.

Yes, their coffees are delicious, and so are their extra-large size monogramed coconuts, but really - this cafe boasts some of the best food in Bali which is obvious from their worn out menus that don’t need much changing when the food they offer is pretty much perfect.

The decor in this place is rather unique combining that green bali vibe but with a warm feel of red cushions, dark paint, vintage wooden chairs and tables and an outdoor garden combining traditional Balinese architecture that gives Cafe Vida a cozy feel that can easily transition it from an early morning cafe to a late night cocktail hours.

Their artsy smoothie bowls, buckwheat and banana flour pancakes, breakfast bowls, egg options, sweet pastry items are all great to start your day. The lunch and dinner crowd might go for their ceviche, truffle popcorn, crispy pork belly, ciabatta, burgers, grass fed rib eye steak, Thai green curry, their popular Vida Healthy Bowl or even pasta section.

If you’re a taco lover - there is one sole item that will stick out on their menu. A tequila infused mahi-mahi fish taco with avocado cream, a delicious sauerkraut that will have you fall in love with red cabbage, and a mince blowing house made fermented chili sauce.

3 well sized tacos, that you must adorn your instagram handle with to brag to the word you might have just enjoyed the prettiest, if not the best fish taco in the world.

These tacos had such incredible texture complexity, a stunning balance of smokey, sweet, salty, sour, spicy, and even the tequila infusion gave it a floral component that reminded me of Orange Blossom flower. Not only was it delicious - it was incredibly light and enjoyable. I’m sure if it was a batter fried fish it could even make the perfect fish taco more tastier but then you’ll want to nap after.

The tacos are served on a soft salmon coloured chipotle tortilla that’s lightly toasted adding to its nice smokey flavour but you also can get a gluten free tortilla should you chose.

I like how there was only one taco option on the menu. That it was healthy, and done to perfection.

If you like fish tacos, and only have to time to eat one I Bali, then Vida Cafe is where you come to.

Something that also completes a perfect score is the service. The staff are warm, welcoming, engaging. The barista even attempted a taco pattern on my latte and he was such a perfectionist he insisted to try a few times to get it right.

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