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Contramar in Mexico City (Best Fish Tacos)

Contramar is one of the nicest most memorable fish taco places I have ever been to. This is the celebrated chef-owner Gabriela Cámara’s flagship restaurant and home to world-famous fresh seafood. It’s in the popular La Condesa neighbourhood and as you walk past their beautiful exterior - you know the interior will certainly live up to it’s hype.

It attracts many a suitor willing to dress the part to come and dine here. Businessmen, foodie trendsetters, suitors impressing their first dates and bucket list travellers come to dine. With the white linen adorns the tables and the overehuberant waitstaff willing to please you at every whim you sense that this will not be a typical dining experience - especially if you’re coming for the sole purpose of tacos.

This is the kind of place you can actually feel glamorous enjoying some of the best fish tacos you will ever taste.

You know at Contramar - you’re getting what you pay for. Contramar’s menu reads like the perfect resume for fish lovers. Their red and green grilled snapper and the raw-tuna tostadas are one of their most instagram able dishes. Mouth watering options Ceviches, aguachiles, tiritas de Zihuatanejo, crunchy crab rolls, delicious seafood broths and chowders but I was on a taco mission and their tacos here did not disappoint. You want the Charal which is these tiny fish that are almost too cute to eat, Taco Frito which is the fried fish, Salteado de Camerones which is your shrimp and the Pulpo which is the octopus.

If you want to see the full episode by Turn Left Right Here hunting down the best fish tacos in Mexico City where it compares it to something we can all relate too - dating and searching for the perfect mate - click the link below.

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