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El Crudo in Canggu (The Best Tacos in Bali)

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

El Crudo in Canggu I'm told serves up the best Mexican bowls, burritos and salads.

Of course they have tacos on the menu as many restaurants do in Bali and this one being Mexican themed - it should be promising.

I came with my friend who's a social media guru and if you need help with your instagram game you can send me an email of all your favourite taco places you think I need to try and then maybe I will share her information with you. She's had pictures go viral on instagram.

As for the tacos at Crudo, they are also very instagrammable. She ordered the vegetarian tacos and I ordered the chicken. I wouldn't put this on your taco tour as a must try. They weren't bad, not great.

The vegetarian tacos has a 1990's North American interpretation of what Mexican tacos are with whole pinto beans, lettuce, small chunks of tomato and cheddar cheese sprinkled on top wrapped in a curved corn hard shell tortilla (I have never seen a hard shell like this before) with a heap of sour cream on the side. They were very beautifully presented but I'm the type to go for ugly delicious not pretty ugly.

The chicken tacos were seasoned in a lacklustre red seasoning that looked like it would pack more of a punch in flavour than it actually did. More cheddar cheese sprinkled on top and there was one tiny lime wedge being served. The acidity from the tiny lime was no wear near enough to brighten the flavour profile or hide the fact that the taco lacked a nice juicy salsa to cut away from the dryness. There were little bits of diced tomato, onion and peppers in it but nothing to fix the flavour.

El Crudo is modest in decor and in flavour for their tacos. Given their wonderful online reviews I would stick to the burritos or bows if you come here. The staff were very nice and it's also much easier to be honest about not so great tacos when the staff are not as nice so this review hurts a little to write.

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