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El Pescadito (Best Fish Tacos in Mexico City)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

El Pescadito is you’re all around favourite guy - except in tacos. They are the Mr. Popular in high-school offer you some of the most beloved and famous fish tacos in Mexico City.

You know exactly what you’re going to get at this Sonoran-style taqueria and it’s consistently good every time whether it’s the shrimp, marlin, fish or you spice things up with the marlin stuffed chilli taco - this is their signature taco called the quesotote chili stuffed with shrimp and cheese.

They put on quite the display when you arrive at the counter, beautifully friend until crispy and golden morsels of seafood and fish - that would make any gluten-free vegetarian reconsider

There’s always a queue, just about everyone living in Mexico City has enjoyed these most popular tacos at El Pescadito you leave satisfied and know he’ll wait for you should you decide to ever visit him again. But don’t wait too long because someone else will marry him if you don’t. But at least you make everyone happy you went there and gave it a shot.

Be Sure to check out my Youtube video to see the fill episode of the Best Tacos in Mexico City.

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