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El Tizoncito (Best Tacos in Mexico City)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

My friend Ana - a bonafide taco lover - told me about EL Tizoncito which was conveniently close to her place in La Condessa neighbourhood of Mexico City. What she didn’t tell me was there was 2 El Tizoncitos on the same road, like a block apart.

So I went to the wrong one. That turned out to be a good thing - like you have a date with one guy and you unexpectedly end up falling in love with his younger brother.

El Tizoncito claims to be the creator of Tacos Al Pastor. If you go to Mexico City without eating a Taco Al Pastor you did it totally wrong and need to go back. It’s that important here.

So I went to the smaller El Tizoncito…it’s much less crowded, the service is very friendly and there’s a little know secret about the smaller El Tizoncito that not even locals know.

If you order any meats from the grill (or de la parrilla) - this location uses charcoal (al carbon) - the larger El Tizoncito uses gas.

Their de la parrilla options are tempting with grilled skirt steak (gaona), grilled steak, grilled pork chop (chalet), grilled chicken, grilled rib meat (costilla) and of course you can have a corn or flour tortilla. I always go for the corn. The flavour of their charcoal grilled meats will rival the best street taco stand in the city.

There are other delicious options on the menu - such as the elusive hard to find in Mexico City nachos, chorizo and nopales tacos, quesadillas, chilaquiles, even salads and soups like the a Mexican tortilla and the classic Mexican pozole.

You have to come here for the tacos Al Pastor however. Their trompo gets action all day and night. After all they claim to be the creators!

They give you tortilla chips and beans (frijoles) to start which comes in a hideous display you almost don’t want to eat it because it doesn’t look very appetising but locals rave about this part and sometimes good things come in ugly packages.

I almost missed the tortilla chips and frijoles my first visit because of it’s unappealing look however I was noticing so many people eating them - so I took my first bite and then it all made sense. Ugly on the outside can be yummy on the inside. Looking back at how delicious the tortilla chips were, I regret not trying their nachos now but I was dead focused on finding the best tacos in Mexico and I only have one stomach.

I came here 3 times. That’s my benchmark for making my list of the best tacos in Mexico City.

A nice added touch at the end is they give you chewing gum when the bill arrives. But really - why anyone would want to cover up their taco breath is beyond me…taco juice is hot.

I believe if you’re not a good kisser than as long as you eat a good taco and taste good it really doesn’t matter.

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