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Lacalita Bar y Cocina (Best Tacos in Bali)

Lacalita’s entire menu offers delicious Mexican inspired cuisine such as tortas (Mexican sandwiches), enchiladas, mole, soap de tortilla, fajitas, albondigas, ceviche, tostadas, even the hangover cure chilaquiles not to mention some of the best tacos in Canggu. It’s on the bustling Main Street of Batu Bolong.

Trendy colourful decor helps distract from the noisy motorbikes whizzing by and the delicious Mexican food will keep you focused on your plate.

Their tacos are served on soft corn tortillas cradling mouth watering fillings such as their vegetarian roasted sweet potatoes, shredded jackfruit in adobo with guacamole, pineapple salsa, crispy jackfruit, and for the meat lovers you have the carne asada made with Black Angus Rib-eyed steak and chipotle mayo, their popular carnitas which is a triple pork shoulder & belly confit with crispy crackling (chicharron), pineapple salsa & verde which hits all the notes of sweet, spicy, sour & salty and combine crisp fresh and rich fatty textures, their BBQ chicken adobado which is marinated chicken and refried beans topped with pico de gallo and their fish tacos which is rubbed fresh market fish with chipotle mayo and tomato salsa. Now here’s a tip if you love fish tacos - ask them to do the Baja fish burger style with the batter and they will accommodate your wishes - it’s delicious. A standout is their birria de cordero which is a chipotle braised lamb shank and broth.

If you love fried tacos then go for their taquitos de pollo which are their fried mini tacos filled with poached chicken in mole poblano topped with avocado crema.

Their portions are of good value for the price and quality so no need to look for any deals here. Lacalita serves up arguably some of the best tacos in Canggu.

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