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Las Carretas in Kuala Lumpur (Searching tacos near me)

I was in Kuala Lumpur for 24 hours on a visa run so I could re-enter Bali - the beautiful island where delicious tacos are in the daily flow of Bali living.

I googled best tacos in Kuala Lumpur and found next to nothing of value. I tried Google, and Trip Advisor…after a few leads I went on my search.

The first place I tried said right at the entrance no reservations required - this was the place I really wanted to go to - well they weren’t very friendly and apparently you need a reservation. I won’t say their name but I won’t be rushing back after their “fiery” reception.

So Las Carretas was next on my list of 24 hours…it was the Ramadan holidays and they were closed when I arrived. Ugh. So I made it here the next day before I had to leave for the airport.

The staff were so friendly and very accommodating. The decor in this place feels invitingly authentic and Mexican.

I was excited to try their tacos. I ordered the beef and their chicken. They served it so proudly on the table. I was reminded of the early 1980s of when MexiCasa started advertising “DIY” tacos you can make at home. A time when North American’s were introduced to tacos in everyday pop culture when the masses thought tacos came in a hard shell.

Again, never judge a taco buy it’s presentation. Would you turn down a hip 80’s party because you have to wear a dated outfit? I mean the 80s were a happening time!

I took a couple bites of each and cemented my decision. I was starving. I really wanted tacos. I just couldn’t do these tacos. I want to spare you the gory details of the dry old tasting meat, the shredded lettuce, the stale corn hard shell tortilla, the over-sprinkling of cheese, the lukewarm side of some Mexican wanna-be rice and the weird dollop with black olives looking at me like their nipples were showing. I decided to upgrade my Grab car so I can get an earlier pick up and rush to the airport for some delicious Nasi Lemak or Prawn Mee, or Roasted Pork Rice and wonder what these delicious Malaysian dishes would taste like in a real soft shell corn tortilla made with masa flour and some kickass salsa.

The very friendly staff asked me if I liked it. Here’s the thing I grappled with for weeks. I don’t like to make negative reviews. I think being negative is bad for karma. I also know this - I want to save you from eating bad tacos. If I don’t tell you may honest opinion in my reviews then I don’t think I’m doing my job either. So I’m willing to brave the judgement, harsh criticism, the haters, and the tears that I could see the waiter hold back when I told him “I’m really sorry but these are the worst tacos I’ve ever had!”.

His face reminded me of when a parent first tells a child Santa Claus isn’t real.

I talked a bit with this amazing waiter and he told me people love their tacos. He also disclosed that their steaks are really popular. They even have wagyu beef on their menu. You can see from their instagram that is what they are showing off. Maybe they need to rebrand as a steak house? Maybe they need to serve their famous steaks on real soft-shell corn tortillas made from masa flour? I don’t know the answer but I can tell you this, just don’t order their tacos. Save yourself from these guys. Unless you want to do a trip down memory lane and see how far we've come from DIY MexiCasa tacos from the 1980's.

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