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Let tacos in at Lettuce Inn (Best tacos in Bali)

Lettuce Inn is a new hidden gem in the Canggu food scene. I discovered it through @thecanggufoodies that post weekly specials by days of the week on Instagram.

They offer a broad range of delicious items from breakfast burgers, smoothie bowls, fish delish bowls, poke bowls and many other healthy and delicious choices. A little know secret about this place is their taco Tuesday celebrated only on Thursday after 6pm. Tacos are not a regular item for this restaurant with a quiet beautiful view of a rice paddy field enjoyed on their comfortable lounge chairs hidden away from the Canggu hustle. They offer unique tacos served in nothing but lettuce. Tacos without a tortilla? Is it really a taco? Only you can decide.

I was impressed with the flavours of their delicious taco fillings that come in small ornate packages but are dripping in taco flavours that are finger licking good.

It’s a refreshing change from the many taco choices you have in Bali.

Their iconic neon sign of "living your best life" is also an Instagram photo op to show off to your followers you’re living your best taco life.

Worth a visit whether you’re on the taco route in Bali.

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