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Loco Bar and Grill in Kuala Lumpur (Searching tacos near me)

When I was in Kuala Lumpur for my 24 hour visa run so I can stay in the beautiful island of Bali where even the worst tacos are one of the most instagrammable tacos in the world, I was on a search for "tacos near me".

There was little information on Tacos and Mexican food on Google, or Tripadvisor.

The taco scene must be somewhat subdued in KL or maybe it's still new and hasn't caught up to SEO optimization for taco hunting in Malaysia - or maybe there are so may fantastic Malaysian food options that no one really cares about tacos?

After 2 failed missions earlier that evening this was my 3rd attempt and looking for tacos in my "tacos near me" search. It's right on the main expat party strip of Changkat Bukit Bintang.

As I made my way through the many drunken foreigners loitering around on the street - I made my way up to the bar and asked for tacos. Amazing staff again.

Overly exuberant to please me with tacos and whatever else I wanted there was a choice of tacos - 100% homemade, hand pressed soft taco filled with fresh grilled vegetables, peppers & salsas. Topped with your choice of: Chicken, Beef, Duck, Fish, Lamb, Prawn, Veggie or Chili con carne - and even a Baja Fish one lower down on the menu.

Unfortunately each serving has 2 tacos so I only ordered 2 - I asked which their most popular ones where - as I usually do trusting that the restaurant will always showcase the best of what they do to first time visiting customers. "All of them are good!" Hahaha, I'm always wary of those kind of answers. Even in the best taquerias in Mexico, a trained professional taquero tells you what you're going to have, and sometimes he (or she although I have yet to meet a female one - and when that happens you'll be the first to know) will just ask you "how many can you eat?". When they come back they put that many tacos in front of you and announce what you're having like "brain, eyeball, cheek, suadero" because that's the best that day based on what their meat supplier brought in or that's what people love the most.

So about these tacos at Loco in Kuala Lumpur. It was like a North American style stir fry with biased cut vegetables you would find in a stir fry ladened with hoisin sauce and overly salty so that you're encouraged to drink more beer. I had the duck and the shrimp. They both are made the same way and there's nothing to distinguish the flavours aside from the meat.

It reminded me of my stumbling home drunken Thursdays when I was in University when I thought it would be a great idea to make a stir fry because that's what I had ingredients for in the fridge - and you think it tastes great that night but then you taste it the next day when you're hungover as fuck and the salty sweet over seasoned overpowers you so much you rush to the can to toss your cookie and vow never to drink again.

If you're on the party strip of Changkat Bukit Bintang and have had way too many wobbly pops and need to grease up your stomach with food to help ease the hangover the next day, then sure eat these. They won't kill you. You might be drunk enough to think they're good tacos too. If it were me I would try the burritos, the quesadillas or maybe even the chicken wings and burger.

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