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Lovster in Bali (Best Tacos in Bali)

Lovster in Bali is where you’re lobster dreams come true. Oddly enough that’s exactly how I found them. I had a dream about lobster one night - I often dream about food and sometimes come up with recipes in my dreams which might explain why I wake up happy most of the time because it means I can eat.

That morning I woke up and googled “lobster tacos near me” not expecting to get a hit on Google Maps but I did! They have 3 locations in Bali. One in Ubud, Seminyak and Canggu and they plan a 4th location in Kuta.

They bring wild-caught, sustainably harvested local Lobster and other tasty local seafood options into their menu. Their preparations are simple so you can taste the seafood. If you want the lobster tacos, they also offer lobster rolls - well you will be paying Western prices. Each lobster taco works out to about $10 USD a piece with a minimum order of 2. This might be a place to take someone on your 3rd date.

If that turns you away then consider their much more affordable shrimp tacos which is just as delicious and also simply prepared with gooey rich butter.

They also offer chowder, delicious crab tots, seafood bao buns, lobster tails, lobster rolls, vegetarian options and a nice selection of craft beer if you need a break from Bintang.

Here’s a tip - they celebrate taco Tuesday with some deals so check them out when you’re in Bali and make your lobster dreams come true!

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