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Metta Cafe (Best Tacos in Bali)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Metta Cafe is a hidden gem on Batu Bolong in Canggu is a quaint little family run cafe that the masses have yet to discover serves up really great food and arguably some of the best dishes you’ll eat in Bali. Their smoothie bowls are highly instagramable, breakfast burritos, delicious authentic Indonesian dishes like their Nasi Goreng or the classic Chicken Soup Soto Ayam, grilled chicken salad, amazing poached eggs on smashed avocado or vegetables that would excite any eggporn fettish, pizzas, crepes, the do just about everything for vegans, vegetarians and meat lovers all on freshly made and all their prices are very affordable. The reason why the masses have yet to discover this place is that the food scene is highly competitive in Canggu and if your Instagram game is not top notch…you’ll go unnoticed.

I wanted tacos for breakfast and I was riding my scooter by to another place and saw “tacos” written in chalk on their sandwich board sign so I decided to break hard and turn left.

I was met with the lovely owner who agreed to make me tacos for breakfast even though it was on their lunch menu. I had 2 delicious fish tacos fried in bread crumbs with a yummy mango salsa and drizzle of mayonnaise that was served alongside a salad. I also tried their pork taco which was also fantastic. If you're in Bali, the pork, fish and chicken options tend to be the best choices for eating tacos if you're not vegetarian. Beef is not as great as it tends to be tough unless it's coming from Australia.

It was delicious and such a great find.

I secretly hope this place doesn’t hire the likes of @thecanggufoodies to get their instagram game on that will start attracting influencer and world travelling foodies in droves because I like that it’s not busy yet and I can hideout in post workout in my sweaty yoga gear and indulge in their delicious and very reasonably priced menu.

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