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Moana Fish Eatery (Best Tuna Tacos in Bali)

Moana Fish Eatery is on the Main Street of Batu Balong in Canggu with another location in Seminyak.

I wasn’t expecting to find tacos here, but sure enough, like a few restaurants in Bali, tacos was on the menu.

There are a lot of delicious fish items on the menu like grilled snapper, mahi-mahi, fish burgers, tuna poke bowls, Polynesian ceviche, nasi goring, and this place does boast some culinary skills since you might find you have to make a reservation sometimes to get in.

So about these tuna tacos….they’re on the appetizer menu and they’re ideal for sharing.

They come in mini flour tortillas and are sautéed tuna with balsamic vinegar. These mini tacos are packed with flavour.

I happily ate my entire appetizer and didn’t want to share it with my friends! What I liked about these tacos was the unique flavour profile - it tasted like a sweet Spanish pisto which is a tomato based sauce.

Moana’s is a really nice restaurant for many reasons but I love it when a place surprises you with their take on tacos. It highlights their creativity they put into their other dishes.

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