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Mocca in Canggu (Best Tacos in Bali?)

I came to Mocca in Canggu to actually get some work done - I heard the reviews for this place were good so I thought it would be a nice escape from creating new taco content so I can finish my old taco content.

To my surprise, and not an unwelcome one, they had tacos on their menu. So wtf, I ordered them hoping I would discover the next new amazing taco joint in bali no one knows about yet.

They’re a Vietnamese Fish tacos which were listed as Soulfish (which I’m guessing is a type for a type of sole), white onion, tomato cherry, basil, mint, cilantro and red cabbage on a white flour tortilla.

While beautifully presented - with a lot of purple cabbage - the fish was beautifully marinated and flavourful - everything else fell flat. The chunks of avocado while nice were too large, the strands of red cabbage were also too long in proportion, the halved grape cherry tomatoes were awkwardly out of place like a guy wearing a baby blue tuxedo at his prom and the sauce…well there was no sauce, no salsa, no nothing. I asked for a sauce or salsa of some kind, anything to help me bind the dryness of the ingredients together. The staff were really nice trying hard to please my request for a salsa/sauce something of moisture to combine this dry taco in my mouth bringing whatever sauce they have in the kitchen - salad dressing, a watery satay sauce (which was actually tasty just too runny for a taco), yogurt, a ketchup like sweet chili sauce…it was tacoporn gone bad.

As hungry guests were coming in for the dinner hour walking by me with this huge beautifully presented plate of extra large tacos admiring my “salsa” collection - I wanted to scream “Save yourselves! Don’t order the tacos!!”

I wish I just poked myself and said “sorry tacos we’re on a break - I’m going to do the poke bowl tonight”.

After a couple bites - I just picked out the fish and avocado. Eating just the inside of a taco to me is like getting naked with someone before you find out that they are a really bad kisser. It just leaves you less than satisfied but it’s better than no tacos at all if you really need a taco. If you’re a digital nomad looking for a place to work - there are barely any plugs here either. This is the place to come when you’re on a date and want to talk to each other.

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