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Octopus Tacos at Sambal Matah in Ubud (Best Tacos in Bali)

Octopus Tacos are often a rare find but I'm not surprised that you would find them at Sambal Matah in Ubud. Sambal Matah is one of my favourite restaurants here. They do an excellent job at just about everything on their menu.

Sometimes they don't have octopus in so if you're coming in specifically for their tacos, ask them when you arrive to avoid disappointment however you might be tempted with several other delicious menu options such as their snapper fish tacos, tempe tacos or maybe even their Gado-Gado which is an Indonesian salad, butterfish ceviche, soft shell crab or even their grilled chicken wings.

The flavour combinations at Sambal Matah may sound humble on the menu, but when you bite into their dishes there's a symphonic explosion that is sure to please the palate.

Their tempura octopus with pico de gallo, avocado, hoisin sauce and caramelized seeds is no exception. They are served in soft flour shell tortillas and the fillings are loaded in that it's easy to explain why these tacos are served in a bowl.

The warm tempura octopus is the perfect texture combination of soft, chewy and crunchy and nails the balance of fusion flavours. Sambal Matah is nestled in the cobblestone laneway of Jalan Goutama in Ubud and is a must on your taco tour of Bali. If you like dessert than do yourself a favour and make room for the mango curry dessert with kaffir lime ice cream.

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