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Pablo’s in Canggu (Best Tacos in Bali)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Pablo’s in Canggu is a popular taco joint on taco Tuesdays which for Pablo’s falls on Thursday. Their tacos and Bintang beer are only 15K IDR each (around a dollar) which is a significant discount from their regular price of 40-55k IDR (around $4).

They offer chicken tacos, tempura battered fish (mahi-mahi) tacos, tempura battered shrimp tacos and their vegetarian tacos were touted by many carnivores to be a favourite.

Bali is very good at making vegetarian

and vegan food delicious and given the competition of the food scene trying to vie the attention of many water fasting yogis - so vegetarian tacos in Bali have to be good.

This place only seems open after 5pm despite posting earlier hours of operation.

The staff are eager to please but expect to flag them down when you need something even when it’s not busy.

It’s a great place to load up on tacos and Bintang with your taco loving friends before heading out to the many bars and clubs of the Canggu night life.

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