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Scorpion Tacos (Best tacos in Mexico?)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Scorpion Tacos at Comedor “Las Margaritas” Mercado Gómez Palacio, Durango, Mexico

Durango is known for their Scorpions (Alacranes) and I believe it ranks the 5 most dangerous State in Mexico for scorpions so there are other states in Mexico that are more dangerous.

I was in Durango in December and that is their dormant season so the chance of getting bitten was low. Regardless, many locals warned me to double check my sheets, my shoes, my bags at every turn.

Nestled in the centre of the Mercado Gómez Palacio, after a maze like walk through scorpion laden knick knacks, scorpion snacks, and souvenirs of all kinds, include a walk past some live scorpions that store keepers will let you handle (yes it’s safe - the stinger has been removed) you will find Comedor Las Margaritas. It is here you will find Scorpion Tacos (tacos de alacrán).

Truth be told, scorpions are not consumed by local Durangeños. This is not something they have on Sunday Dinners with their family or friends. Scorpion tacos are designed for tourists, thrill seekers, for anyone looking to make a few bucks on a dare. 2 local chefs even told me not to bother - scorpions do not add anything to the local gastronomy of Durango Mexico and are nothing more than a gimmick.

However, I had to see what they looked like. There I bumped in Alejandro about to devour a scorpion taco. He let me film him about to take on this adventure, the look on his face as he braved the camera was priceless. His “yummy face” did nothing to convince me that I should reconsider buy decision not to try one. Maybe if I had too much Mezcal one night at my favourite Mezcal bar Juan Matador in Durango, maybe if someone offered me a Netflix show on tacos, then maybe I would be brave enough to eat a scorpion. For now, I’ll take a pass.

If you want to see the full episode of finding scorpion tacos in Durango, Mexico click on the Youtube link below for Turn Left Right Here's episode on Durango (a guide for gringos and Mexicanos with Spanish subtitles).

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