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Senja Tacos (Best Tacos in Bali)

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Senja Tacos is found in Berawa side of Canggu in the outdoor food court of Berawa’s Kitchen.

Among their offerings which include vegetarian options like sweet potato and egg, and pulled jackfruit, are pork carnitas and chicken tinga tacos. You do get a lot of meat with each taco, and small bits of avocado. Each order comes with tortilla chips and salsa . Their burritos are good I’ve heard and they also offer quesadillas but I was on a taco mission.

Their tacos in my opinion lack complexity and are rather simple in structure . The meat overpowered which was also on the drier side was modest in flavour.

The kitchen is open late at night (4am) so if you’re in need of tacos after long night of partying at the many clubs and bars in Canggu, a taco overflowing with meat will likely make you very happy at 3:30am and will likely be very tasty after all the Bintangs you had. They will be the best tacos you’ll find in Bali at that hour.

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