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Taco Swell in Pererenan Beach (Best Tacos in Bali?)

First of all, Taco Swell is new, so maybe they still have a lot to learn about a) the competitive restaurant scene in Bali b) if you want to be in the restaurant business you need to know a little bit about food and c) your food should be decent.

Ok I hate writing these reviews but if you want a cool place to hang out in and drink beer or watch a game then come here.

If you want to see what tacos looked like in the 1970's and 80's then come here.

If there's been a major earthquake in Bali and the volcano just barfed out lava and this is the last place to eat on the island and you're really hungry - then come here.

I hope they work out their kinks and I hope they learn some basics in food preparation and handling. I really mean that because the people here are really nice. The rice the tacos came with was actually delicious. If it even matters I tried one of their chicken tacos and one of their pork tacos. I took one bite of each and then finished the rice because I was really hungry.

If you really want to find this place look for the surfboard sign off Pererenan Beach.

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