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Tacos at the Jamaica Flower Market (Best Tacos in Mexico City)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

A tale of 2 taquerias: vegetarian vs merino lamb head tacos

I stayed with my friend Jonatan at his home in Roma and I was going out to this vegetarian taco place and he said I can’t do that. I asked why, he said because it’s not Mexican. It’s just a taco interpretation with vegetables.

He said he would take me to this lady that makes real pre-hispanic Mexican tacos - and they’re vegetarian.

We went to the Jamaica flower market.

Along came his friends Noel and Dr. Pepe There were flowers, flowers and more flowers, and I was getting hungry.

Ok so Now going shopping with 3 really hot gay guys is like Christmas for me. But I wanted tacos. All I saw was flowers.

We walked some more and the scents changed from flowers to something delicious in the air. My nose told me tacos were coming soon.

We arrived at this taco place - but all I saw was Merino lamb heads and smelled that familiar bouquet of boiling animal carcasses that make loyal carnivores mouth wet.

I was shocked - I thought we were going to see some lady who sells vegetarian tacos. I was the only lady at this counter. Ok I called myself a lady but I assure you I’ve been called worse.

He said I could have one lamb head taco. I was confused but like the kid who eats the first marshmallow in the Stanford Marshmallow experiment my lamb head taco was being simultaneously served to me and I was salivating while whipping out my iPhone to quickly capture the moment before stuffing my face with this new favourite taco in only 3 bites.

I loved it. I wanted more. He said no.

I threw a tantrum like a kid in the Stanford Marshmallow experiment would hoping that they would still get a second marshmallow even though they broke the rules and ate the first one.

He said no. We made plans with this lady.

I was being taken to this blind date and all I wanted to do was go a couple more rounds with my old delicious lover that knows how to feed me Merino Lamb head tacos in bed.

I followed him and we were leaving the market through the back, dazed and confused we ended up in the parking lot.

Jonatan likes to take his time with stuff. You know, build anticipation for that perfect moment. Just when I wanted this torture of foreplay to end, we turned the corner and out was this lady in a modest DIY taco stand with a crowd of people around her. This was my first real street taco.

She was just rolling out the blue corn tortillas by hand, one by one while taking people’s orders. She was so calm and happy. This lady loves making tacos and you know you’re going to taste the love in her tacos. Her hands stained blue from rolling tortillas all day.

If all this effort is going into just the tortilla itself what on earth is she putting inside them?

So there’s this corn fungus - it’s called huitlacoche….that’s right - it’s fungus that grows on corn- it’s like a Mexican truffle - it’s rare and delicious and the taste will actually grow on you….like fungus.

Another one she makes is nopales. It’s like a cactus.

The Jamaica flower market sells piñatas. Now when it comes to piñatas you may never think - OMG I have to run out and get a piñata today because that’s going to be so much fun. However, when you see one there, you want to hit it.

That’s exactly how I feel about vegetarian food.

This lady made some of the best vegetarian tacos I ever had and it makes me want to go to the Jamaica flower market every weekend, shop for piñatas and see this lovely lady who puts so much lover into her delicious vegetarian tacos, that are truly authentic Mexican food.

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