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Tacos de Tripas (Best Tacos in Durango)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Tacos de Tripas Durango, Mexico

Tacos de Tripilin, Tacos de Cuñao

When I arrived in Durango Mexico, I was told by the locals I had to try tacos de tripa and tacos de ubre. Tacos de Tripa or Tripitas is made from the intestines of a cow.

Durango is known to have some of the best tacos de tripa.

You will see taco stands all over the city especially near the Mercado Gómez Palacio at night (you will struggle to find tacos de tripa during the day anywhere).

There are 2 famous taco stands farther away from the centre of town. I walked 12-15 blocks to get there, but it was worth the walk.

On opposite corners of the intersection Alberto Terrones and Calle 5 de Febrero are the famous Tacos de Cuñao and Tacos de Tripilin.

Both stands were bustling with crowds around them of equal size. I started at tacos de Cuñao - one taco was 7 pesos which is the cheapest taco I’ve ever paid for. 7 pesos converted to about 50 cents USD at the time.

Their tacos were absolutely delicious! I was pleasantly surprised this being my first time trying a taco de tripa. Don’t forget to squeeze lime on your tacos as the acidity brightens up the flavour and cuts through the fat.

I could have easily had 10 of these tacos but I had to save room for Tacos de Tripilin across the road.

Tripilin also serves up tacos de ubre which is the udder of a cow. Cow udders are next to impossible to find in the US for the reason of its’ dubious legality to saved for edible purposes under USDA regulations.

Cow udders are loaded in fat and here utterly delicious.

The tacos at Triplin were amazing, I also appreciated the enthusiasm of their staff excited by me videotaping them at work.

They showed tremendous pride in their work for their tacos. Their tacos were the same price and offer great value for taco lovers.

Both taquerias will ask if you want “dorados” which mean golden - say yes! This makes the tripa extra crispy on the outside and it’s absolutely delicious.

Personally I preferred the tacos de tripas at Tripilin - maybe this is because they mix the tripas with the Ubre, maybe it’s because of the sauce, maybe they put more love into their tacos - I wish I could answer that question for you.

So if you’re travelling in Durango, Mexico - do yourself a favour and visit these taco stands. You will be introduced to some of the cheapest and best tacos you’ll ever find in Mexico. When you’re there, you might as well hit up the famous Tacos Heris which is just down the street but they don’t offer tacos de tripas.

Tacos de Cuñao

Tacos de Tripilin

34000, Calle Lic Alberto Terrones 401-1, Zona Centro, Durango, Dgo., Mexico

Intersection of Calle 5 de Febrero and Alberto Terrones

If you want to see the full episode of finding the best tacos in Durango, Mexico check out the Part 2 episode of Turn Left Right Here.

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