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Tacos Don Gus in Torreon (Best Tacos in Mexico)

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Tacos Don Gus will always have a special place in my heart when it comes to tacos.

Nestled in a side street away from the centre of town in Torreon Mexico, it was here I had my first aha moment with one of the best tacos I’ve ever tasted.

It’s a humble joint and it’s clearly visible by the line-ups of people standing on the sidewalk waiting to get inside. From the layout of the seating area you can see this place has gone through at least 3 iterations of expansions get it still retains it’s humble charm.

Equally humble is Gus himself whom you’ll often find you serving you the tacos himself.

It was here I discovered that tacos, may not be the prettiest in the world, in fact the ones here look bland, and then the flavour of them bitch-slaps you with such a vengeance you vow never to judge an ugly taco ever again.

Tacos Don Gus serves the best of the best tacos in Torreon.

They offer 4 kinds of tacos: barbacoa (bbq), buche (pork stomach - get over it - it’s fucking delicious), Tinga (shredded chicken), and bistek (grilled beef). Get one of each and don’t forget to sprinkle their chopped onions and coriander salsa they offer and please squeeze the lime on your taco.

It was here I learned that you stray off the menu of taco joints when they are offering something other than tacos that you see them shovelling out in droves. I was losing my voice and he insisted I try his soup, made with the juices of his slow-cooked meat. It trickled down my throat like nectar of the gods and within an hour my cold symptoms were coincidently gone.

I’m sure there are many places in Torreon Mexico that have delicious tacos, and I can’t wait to go back and try anywhere claiming they serve the best street tacos - but it will be challenging for anyone to misplace the connection I feel with this place.

It’s definitely worth a stop whether you live or are travelling to Torreon.

If you want to see the full Youtube episode of finding the best food in Torreon Mexico created by Turn Left Right Here see below:

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