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Tacos Heri's (Best Tacos in Durango)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Tacos Heris in Durango is now a small taco chain with 3 locations. I went to the location on Alberto Terrones as it was conveniently close to the 2 tacos de tripas stands I wanted to visit (El Tripilin y El Cuñao). Tacos Heris also serves up a variety of delicious Mexican food but I was on a taco quest.

What is impressive about this place is they were extremely busy with just take-out orders never mind the line up to get a seat. I waited over 30 mins just to sit down. A lot of diners were enjoying tacos along side burritos and some other of their delicious offerings of Mexican Cuisine.

The staff were incredibly friendly and I was impressed with the one waiter, with his hand wrapped in a bandage, serving the entire restaurant, flying across the floor like he was on a boosted board answering every hand, facial gesture, or call that came his way. I had to compliment him on his superpower skills when I left.

Even the chefs were scrambling to get the orders out and you can seem them bustling in the kitchen but one of them noticed me taking a video and managed to smile for the camera.

AtmTacos Heris there are 3 tacos to choose from. Asada, Pastor and Molleja.

The carne asada tacos are a grilled beef taco usually coming from a flank steak. Simple ingredients with a ton of flavour.

Tacos Al Pastor is your spit grilled meat - and their “trompo” which is hiding in the kitchen.

And finally their tacos Molleja which is their crispy tender sweetbread taco which they translate to “gizzards”.

I tried all 3 tacos and they were all equally delicious although I think the Molleja would be my “Sophie’s Choice”. If you are a millennial you should ask your parents about that movie.

If you find yourself in Durango, you must hit up Tacos Heris to taste some of the best tacos in Durango.

If you want to see the Youtube episode on Durango Mexico, Part 2 shows finding the best tacos which includes Tacos Heris.

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