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Tacos Rigos in Torreon (Best Tacos Dorados in Mexico)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Tacos Rigos in Torreon Mexico was my first introduction tacos dorados which are a deep fried taco. Not to be confused with a flauta which you’ll find on the Eastern coast of Mexico an they are longer. Flautas translates into “flutes” and it is typically made with flour tortilla, with a meat, chicken, or cheese filling and then deep fried.

I met a Mexican from the Eastern Coast who saw my YouTube Video on the Best Food in Torreon (link) and he told me these tacos where flautas.

I let it go at the time but after doing some more research this is the answer. What was interesting is that some of the Mexicans I asked about this all had differing opinions on flautas, tacos dorados - here’s the rule I came up with.

If the restaurant, or taco stand, or taco master calls them tacos dorados - then I will call them too.

Tacos Rigos was my introduction to tacos dorados. A rather large bustling place with lots of turnover of these deep fried tacos filled with meat served hot with a creamy tomato based sauce served over it and a scattering of fresh lettuce and crunchy fresh onions which adds a nice contrast in texture.

Their Pozole soup was also good here.

Tacos Rigos

27258, Calz Saltillo 400 451, La Rosita, Fovissste la Rosita, 27258 Torreón, Coah., Mexico

If you want to see the full episode of where to eat and find the best food in Torreon, Mexico made by Turn Left Right Here on Youtube - watch the video below!

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