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Taqueria Los Güeros (Best Tacos in Mexico City)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

I stayed with my friend Ana for a bit while I was in Mexico City. She loves tacos. She sent me a link to some local food bloggers site and on there was Tacos Güeros.

So I went there. Turns out there’s a lot of Tacos Güeros in Mexico City. None of them related. I went to the wrong one.

Best mistake I ever made.

They almost have too many tacos to choose from. Their menu choices are daunting but that also makes it a great place to take a group of people so you can sample and share in their authentic Mexican food options. I can see people coming here everyday of the week just to work through all their menu options and I wish I had more time there to venture out into their delicious Mexican food.

They also have tacos Al Pastor here and their trompo was getting a lot of action but I was intrigued by their unique filling options you don’t usually find at a taqueria and that is what makes this taqueria stand out to me. One of the items the staff wanted to show off to me was this glass casing and inside was pounds of slow braised fatty pork - it was glistening in the heated display and it makes your mouth water just looking at it. I was also told the make some of the best quesadillas in the city, and they make some of the best sandwiches (tortas) which I believe given their assortment of fillings just for tacos.

I ate quite a few tacos here and all were delicious however there were 2 that stood out.

The first one is the Cow’s tongue stewed with a tomato based sauce and chipotle. If your mother’s loving tenderness had a flavour, this would be it. This place is known for their guisados (stewed fillings) so if you are scared to try cow tongue you’ll find many other delicious guisados to choose from.

The second one is called maciza con chicharron which is a juicy slow simmered pork loin (the one that was gleaming in that glass display) with served with added bits of crunchy fried pork rind because more is more. The contrast of the juicy pork loin with the crunchy chicharron is something you have to experience before you die.

After exploring more of Mexico City I found many, many Tacos Güeros. I ended up finding the one I was supposed to go to. It had a lot of people there. I was tempted to go in but I was on my way to another taco place and I was pretty happy with my find at the Taqueria Los Güeros I went to by mistake.

This is the location for the Taqueria los Güeros I went to:

Sur 103 No. 401 Col, Héroes de Churubusco, 09090 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico

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