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Taqueria Orinoco (Best Tacos in Mexico City)

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

I spent 3 weeks in Mexico City looking for the best tacos - this laid the foundation for creating my short film called “Vitamin Taco”.

I ate a lot of tacos…sometimes as much as 5 times a day to find the best tacos. Some tacos were better than others. But here’s the thing about tacos, tacos are like sex. Even if it’s not the best you’ve ever had…it’s still pretty good.

It’s time consuming trying to find the “one”…you know…the one taco out of a sea of tacos you can’t live without…the unicorn taco. And when you find it…You do a happy dance, you’re not afraid to announce your love to the world, you want to commit. Ok maybe I wouldn’t put a ring on it because I am terrified of commitment but when I really like something, I go there 3 times. I came here 3 times and I would do it again any day never mind on taco Tuesday, cinco de mayo, International Taco Day.

I might have sought professional help to find this place…a taco-matchmaker if you will. Gastronautadf, a food blogger in Mexico introduced me to Orinoco, and it would set a benchmark for me in terms of memorable taco experiences. Orinoco will give you the best taco experience while in Mexico City.

Their logo of a pig turned upside down is very fitting because that’s exactly how you feel leaving this place - you’re turn over an your ass in a blissful tacocoma after your tacogasm.

This is a favourite late night taco spot among cool hipster locals - you find all kinds of entertainment industry taco lovers here and if you want to try to catch anyone famous you need to stand in line after 1am.

Orinoco is imported from Monterrey and showcases the Northern style taco to perfection. No detail is left unturned from their tortillas, their fillings and their many delicious 5 house-made signature salsas: red, coriander, creamy green, piquin chile, and yogurt.

The tacos they serve are al pastor, bistec, or chicharron with your choice of corn or flour tortilla. My preference is always a warm corn tortilla I just find that corn tortillas have the texture and that little bit of extra flavour I’m after. The chicharron is the one that still gives me a tacoboner reminiscing out how tantalizing it was to my tastebuds. The perfect combination of fatty, crispy, hot, seasoned and tasty…I was covered in it’s taco juice by the end of the night and I didn’t shower the next day because it’s that good.

Judge all you want but I kept smelling my fingers and rubbing my face all over and I can’t wait to go back there and do it all again.

Unlike other taquerias in Mexico, they have adopted a order and pay first system which is familiar to North Americans. I have actually walked out of a taqueria once without paying early in my trip to Mexico because I assumed I paid first - the couple of Indio Beers I consumed prior likely didn’t help my memory. I realized half way down the street that I forgot to pay and rushed back feeling utterly embarrassed. The place I went to were gracious and didn’t seem miffed that I left without paying which was a pleasant reminder of how laidback Mexican people can be.

I like that you pay first here because once you’re done here…you really want to be teleported to your sofa, lazyboy chair or bed…having to dig for your wallet is an arduous task best left when you arrive hungry and eager.

If you love tacos and you’re in Mexico City, you need to eat here. They have the Best Tacos. Period.

If you love tacos and you’re in Mexico City, you need to eat here. They have the Best Tacos. Period.

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