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The Common in Canggu (Best Tacos in Bali)

The Common in Canggu is always a bustling place on the busy street of Batu Bolong. The Common is one of the restaurants from the good food brotherhood which is owned by a couple of guys that appear to have the magic formula of running popular and successful restaurants in the competitive food scene here in Bali. All of their restaurants (Watercress Cafes, Milk & Madu Cafes, Ulekan Bali, Shmurger Burger and Bangkok Hustle) are popular, busy and serve up really amazing food.

At the Common their good is about being wholesome, clean, fresh and exciting and has a great vibe. Their all day breakfast and delicious food attracts surfers, hippies, foodies, vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers, parents, couples, great friends, solo travellers and digital nomads that share in common their desire for good food.

They only offer one taco option on their menu “Dos tacos pescado” - and they do it right.

It’s a battered fish taco served on a wholemeal tortilla with sautéed peppers, avocado, coriander slaw and a delicious sriracha sour cream.

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